Saturday, October 17, 2009

Table food

Well, Mercy's solids intake has greatly increased since we arrived in Hawaii.  She is also mostly getting food from my own plate instead of me cutting up some fruit for her.  The other night we had chef salad for dinner. My sister and I were sitting on the bed and would give the babies a piece of broccoli, or cauliflower, lettuce, chicken, whatever.  They would munch on it a little bit, and then charge at us and try to grab more food off our plate!  It didn't matter that their food was from our plates to begin with, they wanted to take it for themselves.  They were getting pretty pushy.  It was amusing.  I decided next time I'm just going to make them up their own plate of salad, especially since everything on it was baby appropriate. I also let her munch on some of my meatloaf and a couple of the boiled potato pieces while I was making potato salad.  She enjoyed it quite a bit.
And, much to my relief, her nursing hasn't seemed to decrease much.  We mostly nurse when we are laying down for a nap though, or when I am *trying* to lay her down for a nap.  I attribute my supply staying up to the fact that we cosleep and she eats throughout the night.  Yay cosleeping!


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