Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mistress Mercy and I are in Hawaii!  We left the 7th for a nice vacation to come visit my sister and her sweet little girl Sami.  I'm so excited to be here and finally meet my niece.

It is so much fun to watch them interact together.  They are always smilin and talking to each other, reaching for each other two.  Mercy thinks Sami makes a great tool for leverage.  She is always trying to put her hands on Sams head and push up to standing.  Sams a pretty good sport about it.   They like to whack one another and poke the other in the eye and pull on ears.  They love to listen to each other.  Sam will be cooing and babbling and Mercy will just start LAUGHING at her, or Mercy will be talking and Sam will turn and start giggling at her and talking it back, its hilarious.
Mercy is kind of a bully though.  I sat them down to eat some fruit the other morning.  I gave Sam a piece of cantaloupe and Mercy a slice of apple because shes teething.  Mercy sucked on her apple a little bit, then crawled over to Sam and stole the cantaloupe! I gave it back to Sam and got Mercy her own piece.  Sam wasn't much interested in the melon so I gave her a baby rice cake instead.  I finish heating up my own food, get back to the living room, and Mercy is sitting there, eating the rice cake!  She also likes to take toys from Sam, and tries to steal her bottle too.  Its cute, but at the same time makes me wonder about when shes older.  Am I going to be getting called in to the principals office because Mercy kept taking toys from the other kids or wouldn't share her crayons? 
Its also so great to be with my sister.  We have so much fun together.  I feel like all the time we're together we are joking and in hysterics.  We randomly break out into song.  Usually Disney songs.  Sophie the Giraffes new name is Nacho.  I was telling her about the teething toys Canned Pie and Sophie, she wanted to know what they were. I explained they were teething toys that squeak and are made out of natural rubber.  Except she heard Nacho Rubber and was wondering what the hell that is.  Four days later and I'm still laughing at that.
Although, for all the fun we have together I have reason to believe she is trying to kill me.  On more than one occasion in the 4 days Ive been here, as soon as I take a drink or a bite of food, she will say something funny and I start laughing and trying not to choke. It might be payback for me repeatedly referring to our babies as reptiles. The other day-
me: "Its so funny watching them crawl all over each other.  Kind of like snakes. In a snake pit."
her: "uh....."
me: "don't like that one?  okay.  how about like kittens?"
or tonight, at dinner.  Sami was eating a piece of bagel, and Minna was sharing how she will eat most of things fine, and then try shove the last bites in her mouth at once, opening her mouth really wide.  My response was "Kind of like a snake, dislocating its jaw to eat animals whole."
Maybe I deserve it.  Choking to death from laughter while eating would be an interesting way to go. 


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