Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hi blog.

Its been awhile.  Sorry.  I hope everybody had a fantastic Christmas and is super excited about the New Year. I know I am.  I'm excited because I finally ordered a serger and it should be here on the 5th!  I can't wait to get it and start making tons of clothes.  I'm also excited because I'm going to be starting a 365 project.  I am going to (try) to take at least 1 picture every single day.  Nothing fancy, and I'm not doing a theme, just a picture of something that happened in our lives that day.  At the end of the year I hope to compile all the pictures into a photobook so down the road I can look back and see the year 2011 in 365 still frames.

I've been wanting to start the 365 project for awhile but I never remember it in time to start it on an important date.  I didn't want to just start on a random day.  I planned on waiting until Mercedes' 2nd birthday and starting then, but a friend of mine over at Inside the Insanity mentioned she was going to do it and was staring January first.  Such a great idea, I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.  My plan is to start a flickr account and load them all up there hopefully every week, and maybe post my favorites here occasionally. 

I haven't been very productive lately, been dealing with a sick baby and now I'm sick myself.  Yippee.  I'll leave you with some pics of projects I completed semi-recently though.

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