Monday, February 14, 2011

My baby is TWO!

Yesterday was Mercedes' 2nd Birthday!  It was a great day, we had a fantastic dinner at home with friends and family, then did cake and presents.  She had a blast! 

Its hard to believe she is already two. She went from this....
to this....

Shes gone from a lump of cute to an actual person.  She is so smart, I can't believe how big her vocabulary is and how she talks and comprehends.  and cute as all get-out.  We have now been breastfeeding for two years, and are still rear-facing, two milestones I was excited and proud to have met. She loves to read and build with legos and blocks. She likes to sing the alphabet song and itsy bitsy spider and loves to count.  Her favorite restaurant is Chipotle.  She likes to watch Caillou and Dora the Explorer.  She LOVES to color.  She likes ice cream more than cake. She's amazing.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sew-A-Long Week 2!

This weeks sew-a-long craft was something Valentine's Day related, or a pair of pajamas.  This worked out pretty well for me because I needed to sew up a VDay dress for my friends little girl anyways. This dress is the same as the one I made for my girl, they are gonna match!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Refashioned shirts

A few days ago I posted this picture....
Day 22

Four shirts I picked up on clearance at Walmart for three bucks each.  Total of $12 dollars.  Here is the after shot-


Kiddo shirts at wallys and target are usually $4-$6.  By purchasing the adolescent shirts on clearance and then refashioning them I was able to get four shirts and a skirt for the same price as two or three tops.   The neckline on the butterfly shirt stretched out when I was sewing it so it looks kinda wonky in the picture, but I am going to see if adding snaps in the back will fix that.  Even if it doesn't though, I still got a super cute skirt out of that shirt! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

365 update, 1 month down!

We're now into month two of the 365 project (well, actually that was a couple days ago but I'm just now getting around to posting).  The first month was a ton of fun and I think I did pretty well with only missing one day, I hope February goes as well too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crafty Sewin Mamas Sewalong


An online sewing board I'm a part of has decided to do a sewalong/blogathon.  Several ladies were lacking the motivation to sew much, and also post on their blog frequently so they decided to do a sew-along and invited anybody in the group that wanted to join to participate.  Sounds like fun to me!  They decided they would give two project choices and each person could pick which one they wanted to do (or both.)  This week the options were a crochet hook holder, or a sewing machine cover.  I haven't crocheted in a really long time and don't even know where any of my hooks have disappeared off to.  And a sewing machine cover doesn't appeal to me in the least bit.  (I'm on and off my machine too frequently to want to bother with putting on and removing a cover each time.)  

However, my daughter does love to color.  And we have a big ole 64 pack of crayolas, plus a ziploc baggie of crayons that lost their box.  I'm a little OCD.  I don't like crayons not having a place to live and the ziploc isn't really cutting it for me.  Plus, the 64 pack box has gotten kinda beaten up with the flaps starting to fall apart, and I don't like that either.  So I decided to do a variation on the crochet hook roll and do a crayon roll instead.  

I've been putting off this project for awhile, I've seen it on numerous blogs before but for some reason it never really appealed to me.  (Probably because Mercedes had not yet discovered her love of coloring and mangling the crayon boxes.)  I sure was missing out though.  This is definitely a fun project.  Picking out the fabrics is fun, and its finally giving me a use for all these fat quarters I picked up on sale forever ago. 

Like I said, instructions for these can be found all across the blogworld.  I mainly followed the one over at Prudent Baby.  The instructions said 18" by 6" but I cut my rectangles 17" by 6", made more sense to me. (1 inch for each crayon, then a .5 inch seam allowance on each side.)  Then I just sewed it up following the directions.  The first one I made I didn't include interfacing or anything at all, its just the regular quilters cotton.  The second one I made I used a layer of antipill fleece (because I'm a lamer and don't have either interfacing or quilt batting on hand) in the middle.  Both work great, but I think I prefer the one with the layer of antipill fleece.  It just gives it a little bit more substance.  The one without is nice and trim though and would fit in a smaller or already stuffed diaper bag better.

They sew up quickly and are so pretty when they are all finished!  I <3 them so much, I think pretty much everybody I know can expect these as their present from me for any holiday for the rest of their lives.

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