Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sami loves to give kisses.  Kisses all over mommy, kisses all over auntie, and today, kisses all over Mercy.  Mercy was pretty tolerant the first five or so minutes of Sami grabbing her head and pulling it towards her open mouth.  At one point Sami had hold of both of Mercy's ears and was using them as handles.  A good mom would have stopped it and freed her from her cousins grasp.  I stood back and laughed.  We kept trying and trying to get a picture of it but they'd stop as soon as we got the camera out.

We finally gave up and continued our shopping.  Then after checkout as we were waiting for our food from the Costco concessions Sami felt lovey again.  So she lunged at Mercy and was pulling her head in all ready to give it the proper loving, Mercy started screeching.  Once again, instead of  being a good mom and separating them, I grabbed my camera.  So if you happened to be Costco today, and heard two infants screeching and hollering, I apologize.  But this picture was totally worth it.


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