Monday, October 26, 2009


The other day my mom was telling me about how when we were little, my sisters and I would play a game to sneak drinks off her soda.  One of us would go out and distract the adults with a song or dance or something along those lines, while the other would steal a drink.  Then, the other would go out and sing or dance while the first stole a drink.  Apparently this is an inborn genetic trait, because my girl and her cousin have already got it down. was having a chicken caesar salad for dinner the other night and Minna was having some split pea soup.  Sami being the piglet she is kept trying to go after Minnas dinner.  Baby+hot bowl of soup=not good.  So, I was trying to occupy her and keep her from mauling Minna.  We were all sitting on the bed, Sami next to me, Mercy sitting in front of me.  I had given the kids some bread and lettuce to munch on, but Mercy kept half heartedly trying to grab from my plate, and Sami kept trying to crawl for Minna and her soup.  At one point time I got distracted by the tv and then Sami made a run for Minna again, I grabbed her, pulled her back, look back forward, and Mercy had leaned forward and grabbed two handfuls of my salad and was shoving them in her mouth!

These kids are too smart for my own good. Just look at them! Plotting against me.

And a special shoutout to Miss Jenfly for motivating me to get off my butt and write at least 1 of these entries I've had floating in my head for the past couple days!


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