Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our first adventures with solid food

I'm very hesitant about starting mercy on solids.  I love nursing her.  Not to mention all the lack of control that comes with solids.  I'm terribly paranoid about food allergies.

Plus, I'm worried that she'll stop nursing.  I definitely want to continue breastfeeding.  Before I had her, even just when I was pregnant, I figured I would breastfeed for six months and then I'd start her on purees.  That changed to I'd breastfeed and make my own purees.  Which changed to I wanted to delay solids, seeing as baby doesn't really need anything but breastmilk or formula for the first year, meaning skipping purees, and waiting until Mercy could finger feed herself. (Hey, I'm a woman.  Its my prerogative to change my mind.)  Well researching and trying to figure out what would be best for us, I found Baby-Led Weaning, which pretty much states that you present the baby with foods it can pick up and grasp and allow her to experiment and feed herself at her own pace.  Sounds pretty good to me.

So that became our plan, and we put it into action one night when we were out having dinner at a buffett.  Chris grabbed Mercy a cucumber slice and we sat her in her bumbo and let her play with it.  She put it in her mouth and made a grody face.  She wasn't pleased.  I had cute pictures of it, but then I lost my cell phone and all the cute pictures with it.  *sigh*  We've tried cucmbers a couple times, not in the least bit impressed.  That was all she had for awhle.  Then I decided we'd try a slice of raw carrot to help with teething and give her something to do with her hands.  She likes carrots.

We've also tried avocados.
Not a big fan.Another one to try

She didn't really like those.

A few nights later (3 days between new foods to pinpoint allergies if there are any) we tried cantaloupe.  She likes cantaloupe much more than the avocado and cucumber.

That is as far into solids as we've gotten, aside from an unfortunate lemon incident involving my husband and father-in-law.  She hasn't had any issues with allergic reactions or choking, and is still nursing like a champ (Yay!).

Much better
In a few more nights we are going to try some steamed broccoli.  I'll let you all know how that goes.  Right now however, I'm taking Miss Cranky Britches and getting her ready for bed.


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