Saturday, September 19, 2009

Georgia peaches!

My girl is a picky eater.  A boob snob, if you will.  She hasn't really liked anything I've given her.  Didn't like the Gerber Puffs, or the Yogurt Melts.  We gave her some pear to try.  Didn't like that either.  We had spaghetti for dinner the other night though, and I gave her some of the plain noodles to keep her occupied while we ate.  She liked playing with those, (food is pretty much just a toy to her) but didn't really eat any of it at all. 

The other day however, after a great recommendation from my friend Alanna (visit her over at Alanna in Suburbia) I decided I get her a peach to try. I cut the peach in half and took out the pit, then quartered it.  Before I gave it to her I cut out the weird pink stuff that attaches to the pit, and peeled the skin off the top half of it, but left the bottom so that way it wasn't as slippery.  At first, she wasn't crazy about it.  Gave me a look along the lines "What the hell is this?  You expect me to eat this?", but after a couple bites she decided she liked it and went to town.

I call this one....
"Please mom....I want some more"


I love it!

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