Sunday, September 6, 2009


Look Ma! No hands!Hi, My name is Paige and I'm addicted to babywearing.  I have 5 wraps, 1 sling, and I don't see an end in sight.                                                                                

Babywearing is one of those things that actually becoming a mommy changed my mind on though.  Before I had Mercedes I thought (pretty please don't stone me for my once ignorant ways) that babywearing was weird.  I would see moms with their babies in slings and think "How lazy.  Why doesn't she just carry her baby?  When I have baby, I'll just carry it if it wants to be held."  I know.  I wanna beat myself up for that too.  The only way I thought wearing your baby was "normal" was in a crotch dangling carrier like the Bjorn.  Then I got pregnant and started looking at the different carriers, and talking with my sister about them.  The wraps looked pretty cool, but hard.  So I got a sling after Mercy was born, when she proved to be a pretty high needs baby who ALWAYS had to be held.  I didn't really like the sling though, and neither did Mercy.  I wanted a wrap.  I wanted a wrap real bad.  I'd gotten my first taste of babywearing and I wanted more.  However, I didn't have the 50 bucks to buy a wrap.  So I figured out how to make one, and set off to the fabric store.    This is my first wrap.  I don't use it much anymore, I now have cuter ones in better fabric.  But it sure served its purpose and made my life WAY easier.  Without it, my arms probably would have fallen off. 

I am pretty passionate about babywearing.  When I see moms in the grocery store, carrying their babies, I want to tell them all about wraps.  It especially thrills me to see other moms wearing their babies.  One time in Wal-Mart I was wearing Mercy and had just found some fabric to make more wraps and a woman came up and asked me where I got my wrap.  I gave her one.  I've had SO many people ask me about it, and I just LOVE telling them.  I'm not only a babywearin addict, I'm a babywearin enabler.  I've sold five wraps and given them away as gifts too.  (If you are interested in buying one, let me know. I'd love to make one for you!)

I've even turned my husband.  He won't wear her (yet).  But before he said he wouldn't even be seen with me when I was wearing her.  Now he makes sure I've got my wrap packed, and hes even defended me against a stupid Wal-Mart employee before who started saying that she wanted out of the wrap and to look around and see things. 

cute clover fabric i found and made a wrap out offirst time tryin the hip holdI will post instructions on making your own wrap in the near future, but I want to be able to post how-to pictures with it when I do.  Until then, here are some pics of me rockin my best accessory.


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