Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Babies first Chipotle!

So I've been trying and trying to find something that Mercy will like.  So far she won't actually eat anything.   Well, we went out to Chipotle (I ♥ them) and I got a burrito. Chris was holding her while I was eating and she was going CRAZY trying to get up on the table and at my food.  So, I pulled a little bit of the tortilla (flour) off, made sure it didn't have any of the meat or sauce or anything on it, and gave it to her.  She had a BLAST playing with it, and then crammed the whole strip in her mouth.  Scared me a little bit, so we pulled it back out.  I broke it into smaller pieces and held that out for her.  My silly girl, instead of taking it out of my hand, she just dove and ate it right out of my hand.  Actually ATE.  She seemed to like it.  Didn't eat any more, just played with it.  But, she did eat that one little bit!


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