Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She is definitely my kid.

Hi.  My daughter's name is Mercy and she is a food-a-holic. 

There is no doubt that Mercedes is my girl.  The way to her heart is certainly through her stomach. Her favorite, most spoken word is "Bite."  If I even open the fridge, she comes running (as fast as her wobbly toddler legs will take her, which is pretty fast) to the kitchen with her chorus of "Bite?" in her precious little baby girl voice. Oh how I love her little voice. 

Anyways, I digress.  Her head and heart are located in her little stomach.  She can be in the kitchen, most certainly getting into trouble, and if I call out "Mercy, want a bite?" her little feet pitter patter all the way to me, the promise of food distracting her from whatever mischief she shouldn't be getting into.  She LOVES being outside and lately I'll set her down when we get out of the car instead of carrying her inside, but she likes to stay outside.  The other day I brought home food and she was standing in the yard, just looking around like usual, and I said "Bite?" and you could practically see her eyes light up as she came right inside. If she were a dog, her ears would have perked up.

She is such a good eater too, although lately she is showing a HUGE preference for rice.  Any kind of rice.  White rice, spanish rice, rice pilaf, sticky rice, rice with divan, rice sweet and sour pork, season rice, rice in sauce, fried rice, the list goes on.  I fear that not only is she a food-a-holic, but that she has inherited my carb addiction as well. I guess this means I'll have to get used to sharing my array of rices, pasta, and breads.


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