Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have Mercy! is on Facebook....

I started a FB Fan page for Have Mercy! the other week.  I have the button on my sidebar, but figured I'd also go ahead and post the link here, become a fan! Sneak peeks, updates, and special deals!!/pages/Have-Mercy/362374060686

In other news, the giveaway for a FREE Have Mercy! soaker ends tomorrow night at 10 PM.  If you haven't entered yet I strongly encourage you to do so, who doesn't like free stuff?

Miss Mercy Rose has been busy the past week or so cutting teeth.  3 of them as a matter of fact.  It certainly helps explain why she has been being a gigantic poo lately. 

On the BLW front, at 13 months we are past the point where there is much to write about.  She is a great eater, and LOVES food.  Whenever anybody has a plate of anything she walks to them and stands by their legs asking "Bite? Bite? Bite?" it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.  We picked up subway for lunch today and she got her own little piece.  She loved it.

Nom Nom Nom


Love the fan page for your sneak peeks! Yummm...subway :)

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