Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Miss Independant

One of the points of baby led weaning is self-feeding.  This is pretty much all Mercedes has known.  She wasn't spoon fed, and for the most part all I did was put food in her hands and let her take it from there aside from in the beginning when I would put something in her mouth so she realized it was food and edible. 

While in Hawaii she tried a few things that I wanted to feed her instead of letting her do it because it would be messy. When attempting this we found out something rather interesting.  She doesn't like being fed.  She wants to do it herself.  Anytime Minna or I would try to put something in her mouth (yogurt melt, puff, piece of fruit) she would stick her tongue out. Kinda like this...

only with her mouth closed, so we couldn't put said food in her mouth.  More like she was saying "NYEAH" in her head.

Or, she would incessantly reach out her hands to try and grab the food or spoon and do it herself.  "I got this mom, I do it myself."

My girl has got such attitude.


She has such a long tongue!

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