Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Miss Mercy is my carnivore girl.  She got steak the other night.  Shes had little pieces of meat before but usually only a little bit of ground beef or a piece of chicken.  Her little teeth started popping through last month, and she got an incisor first.  When she smiles you can see it all pointy and it earned her the term of endearment of Fang from Auntie Minna.
Anyways, we went to Outback one night and since she had her fangs and her bottom teeth coming through I gave her a strip of steak.  She LOVED it.  She went crazy for it.  It was the most fun I've had feeding her ever.  Next time, I'm totally listening to my mom sooner. I think we'll make steak the first food for baby #2 when we have it.

 When I took the piece she had away to give her a fresh piece, she made me pry it from her fist and then yelled at me.  This girl loves her meat.  I wouldn't be entirely surprised if next time she growls and bares her fangs at me.
She definitely inherited our love for food.  After I was done eating I took her out of the highchair and put her in my lap.  Next thing I know she lunged for my plate and grabbed my baked potato skin off the plate and was trying to cram it into her mouth. It was pretty darn funny.  I love eating out with this girl, it is always an adventure.


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