Saturday, November 7, 2009

The gDiaper formerly known as Vanilla

gDiapers seems to have a surplus of orange and vanilla gPants so they are the cheapest to buy, but also the least "cute" of their selection.  But, I'm cheap and decided to buy them anyways and just embellish them on my own and make them cute.  The first couple pairs I got I did the pirate iron ons

The vanilla pants are also good for dying.  I picked up a pack of dylon dye a few weeks ago and finally got around to dying them tonight.  If I were a good blogger, I would have taken pictures of the dying process and made a "how to", and I thought about taking picture.  I thought "I need to remember to take pictures of the process so I can make a blog about it" and then I forgot.  It wasn't complicated though.  I will take pictures the next time I do it.

I dyed them purple, and I'm pretty pleased with the way they came out.  I have some cute pink skull iron-ons that I'm thinking of adding to them.  For now though she is rockin her plain purple g's.


Have you tried dying the orange ones? I don't mind the vanillas, but the orange are pretty ugly.
No I haven't tried dying the orange ones yet, but they are the next ones I'm going to attempt. I'm going to try dying them red, I'll be sure to post pics when I do!

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