Monday, September 27, 2010

Touching Letter

I came across this letter while checking one of my forums the other day.  It is a letter from a momma to another momma who she saw Nurse in Public one time.  It's a very touching letter and I wanted to share it to show all you other mommas that you could very well be making a difference that you aren't aware of when you NIP. Every time you feed your baby in public, not cloistered in the bathroom or hidden away in the car, you are doing your part to help make society more accepting of breastfeeding.

Dear BF mama,
I was thinking about you today. I don't know if you would even remember me, but when I was about 6 months pregnant I sat next to you in the nail shop as we both were getting pedicures. I don't know if you realize this, but I think that it is because of you that I am breastfeeding. When I saw you BF your daughter, it was the FIRST time I ever saw anyone do this. My mother did not BF me, and I did not know anyone else that was/had done it either. You made it look so natural and easy and most of all, your daughter looked so HAPPY to be receiving her mother's milk. You candidly talked to me about it, and told me that you had been doing it for 10 months and going strong. I am crying while I am writing this because BF , although extremely hard at first, has been the most awesome thing for me and my son; I believe that it has bonded us in an incredible way. And I truly NEVER considered it before seeing you. YOU MADE IT SEEM NORMAL TO  ME AND GAVE ME A NEW PERSPECTIVE! The first time I NIP, I was TERRIFIED, but I thought of you and said to myself, "I need to pay it forward.  I need to contribute to normalizing this in my area/society'' (also, I was NOT about to BF in the bathroom :(  )
So, thank you so much for what you have given my son and me. We are both eternally grateful. You made a difference.
MIna and Kenton

The next time you are out and about and your child needs to nurse, don't worry about offending other people, don't worry about how much skin you might show.  Think of it as paying it forward and potentially helping another momma make the choice to breastfeed.


What an awesome letter and a great reminder that we can help other moms feel more comfortable NIP.
Thank you for posting this! I NIP quite often...almost every time we're out in fact...and I am always having a blast when I do it.

We live in Hawaii, and while my parents were in town visiting, I was breastfeeding while walking down the strip in Waikiki. I got so many smiles and head nods from women, and I felt proud of myself for doing something that I am so comfortable with. I hope that more women will become comfortable with themselves to NIP. Its been very uplifting for me.

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