Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My (other) new fluffy love.

I've got a lot of room in my heart for cloth diaper love.  In addition to flats being my new love, I've also fallen in love with fleece diapers.  Both, making them and their function.  I didn't think I was going to like sewing fleece diapers at first, but I do, now its its own branch off of my fabric/sewing/cloth diaper addiction.  They work well, and don't require a cover like fitteds do, because it incorporates the fleece used to make soakers as the outer layer of decorative fabric.  Cute, functional, and pretty trim. 

This is the first fleece diaper I sewed forever ago. (And by forever, I really mean a couple months.)

I wasn't so crazy about it.

This is her new Mickey Mouse fleece diaper.

 I'm really crazy about it. 

and the other fleece diapers I've made. 

 Only six because thats all the fleece I have available at the moment.  As soon as it goes on sale again though, you better watch out!


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