Thursday, September 2, 2010

How do you fold a flat?

As I previously mentioned there has been a lot of talk about Flat diapers in the forum I frequent.  I posted pictures of my girl in hers on one of the threads the other day and had several ladies ask me to make a video of how I fold and put it on her.  Here's the video, please forgive me if I sound like a complete goofball in it, I've never made a video tutorial before.


I love how Mercy just lays there so nonchalantly. Averie would have run off about 12 times - that's why I don't use flats on her :).

Great video, though - it shows very clearly what to do and you make it look so easy!
I just have to say, Mercy is amazingly cooperative when you're changing her. My sister was NEVER that cooperative when she was little lol!
Lol! Her cooperativeness comes and goes. Sometimes she is great, sometimes it looks more like wrestling match.

I coerced her with a piece of chocolate this time. :)

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