Monday, June 7, 2010

Sand in my shoes

Went to the beach with my husband and daughter this weekend.  We had an absolute blast.  It was pretty much a perfect day.  Mercy looked so adorable in her swimsuit.  I played in the water a little bit, but mostly sat back and observed through the lens of my camera.  It was Mercy's first real time in the ocean and I figured she would be scared, I stayed back so she would depend on dad to catch her and protect her when she felt scared, using this First as a catalyst for their relationship.  It worked beautifully.

Are you in tears yet?  Because I was. After him being gone for so much of her life, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing them play together.


Some mom's prefer to take it all on themselves and I am usually a silent reader, but I think it is really special that you're doing things like this to encourage Mercy to depend on her daddy and to build a relationship between them. Couldn't help but comment! Love it :)
Aww thank you!

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