Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Led Weaning and your toddler

Mercy is past the "introducing" stage of solids, so the post ideas dealing with BLW are slim pickins.  However I'm still enjoying the benefits of BLW.  I see quite a few posts on my parenting community along the lines of "How do you get your child to eat vegetables?!"  I generally try not to respond because I'm sure my answer of "put it in front of her" isn't exactly the type they are looking for.

When these moms were spoon feeding rice cereal and bland purees to their babies, Mercy was eating avocado and broccoli and melon, experiencing different tastes and textures.  When those babies were getting mushy processed Gerber meals....Mercy was getting fresh chicken and vegetables, lasagna, chef salad, and spinach ravioli.

My girlie has got a large palate.  She loves food!  That isn't the only benefit of Baby Led Weaning though.  At 15 months old she does a good job of using utensils.  Its really awesome to see her sitting there feeding herself using a fork, like a big girl. (Even though she is still my itty bitty baby.)

Its also nice not having to worry about what to feed her, seeing as she just eats whatever I am having.  Todays lunch was a turkey sandwich and chips for me, turkey sandwich with ritz bitz and banana slices for her.


and this picture, just because it is ridiculously awesome.


If you are interested, you can view my previous posts about Baby Led Weaning HERE.


Found you on BBC. Love our blog!
Just wanted to say that while I fed my oldest baby food from a jar, she is far from having a bland palette. She will try anything at least once, and some of her favorite foods include raw green peppers,shrimp and sushi. (Or shushi as she calls it)
I plan on making my own baby food with my 1 month old when she is old enough and am going to make it a very big point to feed her a wide variety of foods, including some of the ones you mentioned. I never understood how parents can't get their child to eat certain things either. Yea, my daughter has some foods that she doesn't like, we all do, but 99% of the time she will at least try something, and if she doesn't like it, then I know for next time. But more often than not she loves it.

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