Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fluff Review- Doodle Dypes

I'll admit that my cloth diaper experience might be a little limited. I haven't tried very many brands/types of cloth diapers.  But I am going to try and start doing reviews on ones I have tried, and hopefully this will motivate me to get out there and try more.

First up on the list is Doodle Dypes.

I love these diapers.   They are made by a wonderful WAHM, Sandy.  Made using Bamboo fleece, also using a two layer snap in soaker. The first Doodle I tried was a purple ruffly AI2. (Has a water resistant layer, doesn't require an extra cover, soaker part is separate to speed drying time.)  Quite awhile after I got that first one I was looking at her store and she had several prints I HAD TO HAVE.  So I stalked the store, and was able to snag two of them.  I got one AI2, and one Fitted. (Mercy is wearing the fitted in the above picture.)

There are many reasons I love Doodle Dypes.  They are super trim, not bulky at all, and they are VERY absorbent.  Mercy usually went to bed in a Goodmama with a fleece cover.  In the morning the diaper was always SOAKED.  Front, back, top, bottom, even the wings were soaked.  One night I told her to choose her fluff and she brought her Doodle fitted.  I was skeptical.  I went with it anyways, figured we'd give it a shot.  I expected to wake up in the middle of the night to a pissed off soaked baby, a wet bed, a puddle, or at the very least leaks. How could this super trim, UNPREPPED Doodle last through the night when my super fluffy, super used GMs barely managed?

Fast forward to the next morning.  My sis comes downstairs and was playing with Mercy, I asked her to take her diaper off.  "Uh, it isn't wet." 
Whaaaa?? "What? What do you mean?"  
"Oh, well its wet on the inside, but the outside doesn't feel wet."
 I couldn't believe it.  I felt for myself and she was right.  The outside barely even felt damp.  I was shocked.  So shocked, that I washed it so she could wear it again that night, just in case maybe it was a fluke and Mercy just didn't pee that much. Same results.  Tried her back in a GM the next night and the GM was drenched. Doodles Win.

However, super trim and absorbent isn't all they have going for them.  They are also super cute.  They have a HUGE fabric selection available for custom orders.  They are AMAZINGLY priced, especially for such an awesome product. The detail of each diaper is amazing.  One of my favorite things about these diapers is very small.

 The alternating snap colors, both on the big ones, and the inner centers.  Its a pretty small detail, but for me at least it makes a big impact and makes the diaper just that much cuter.

Even aside from all that however, is the phenomenal customer service.  Sandy always responds very quickly to any questions, whether by Email, or on Doodle Dypes facebook page.  Shipping is quick.  She takes great pride in her work.  The interactions feel more personal, she always comments on pictures you share of your baby in Doodles. She is great at finding fabrics if you make requests.  I asked if she could locate some cute sailor/anchor fabric and within an hour she had messaged links to me with several different options.  Just overall, the entire experience is great and makes the customer want to go back.  If you haven't tried a Doodle Dype yet, I strongly recommend you do.  She stocks Wednesdays at 6pm Eastern time, they go quick though so you'll have to be fast!

*I am in absolutely no way affiliated with Doodle Dypes or Sandy.  I received no compensation for writing this review, it is in its entirety my opinion.  The only thing I gain from writing this review is more competition on stocking day. *


Competition indeed! Love the Doodles, love Sandy!
I love Doodles!!

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