Saturday, April 23, 2011


Yesterday in my Earth Day post, I posted that I was wanting to start a garden.  Silly me though, I forgot that we already did kinda start.

(Left to right- lettuce, strawberries, cucumber/tomato, basil)

For Christmas this past year I got my mom a little basil kit that you grow in side on a window sill. We finally got around to planting it and have got a nice little basil plant going.  Mercy loves helping to water it, so when I was out shopping the other week, I picked up another little kit.  This one was specifially aimed towards kids (Disney's Cars themed) and came with cucumber and tomato seeds, along with a little plastic lid to make a little green house.  Those things have been growing like their on steroids!  Then today at our local farmers market my sister and picked up some veggie starters from a local organic farm.  We got some strawberries and green leaf lettuce.  Now we just need to get some planters so I can transplant them and move them out onto our deck.  I'm also hoping to get green peppers, broccoli, onions, and maybe a few other things to grow to.   I'm excited!


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