Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Its Earth Day today!  This is probably the first year that I've actually really given any thought to Earth Day at all.  Largely in part because switching to cloth diapers made me much more aware of the impact my choices have on the earth.

So aside from cloth diapers, how else am I trying to be Green?  I'm using reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones.  The ones I use are still made of plastic, but I figure a reusable plastic one is still better than a throw-away one.  I try to reach for our actual dishes instead of paper plates.  I recycle. Use reusable bags (when I can remember to bring them...) and am working on switching over to cloth napkins and UnPaper towels.  I'm also wanting to start a small vegetable garden. I No' Poo, use Oil Cleansing Method, and mama cloth.  We lean towards wooden toys instead of plastic ones for Mercy.

There are more changes I'd really like to make, but figure going slowly is better.

I'm excited for everything that Earth Day represents, and with this as my first one of really "getting" it, I'm really looking forward to all the ones to come.

^^My girl in her special Earth Day dress that I made her!


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