Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taking over the world.

One person at a time.

Cloth diapering is addictive. And once you're addicted its hard to kick the habit.  You're the addict, you're an enabler, and sometimes even a dealer. An Addict because its hard to stop buying cloth diapers.  Occasionally you'll get on the wagon, but then fall off and binge.  An Enabler because you egg on other CD addicts.  "Buy it.  You know you want it.  you need it."  Sharing links to cute diapers, prints you know someone is looking for. The Dealer is a bit different. You aren't so much selling the diapers to the addicts, as much as giving the sample and getting someone else hooked. And oh boy is it an awesome feeling when you get someone else hooked. 

I've recently gotten my little sister Jessica hooked.  Shes 16. (As of an hour and 50 minutes ago.  No Joke.) When I first arrived to stay here for several months while my hubby was deployed my sister thought CDing was the grossest thing ever.  She didn't want anything to do with my cloth diapers at all. In fact her best friend enjoyed the cloth diapers more than she did. (She mainly just enjoyed oogling the cute prints.)  At one point I asked my sister to put a diaper on Mercy and asked her friend to hand her one.  She handed her a cloth one and Jessica said "No, hand me a REAL one." (meaning a disposable).  I shuddered inside.  Calling a sposie a REAL diaper?! 

Then the tide began to change.  She liked seeing the cute diapers I got.  She was willing to change a cloth diaper every now and then.  And then things REALLY changed.  She got a bit more excited about the fluff.  Mercy was in a sposie one day due to a rash and she told me how ugly it looked under her dress and she liked the cloth diapers better. Another night we had this conversation.

Jess: "What diaper is she wearing?  Is that a BaBushka or a Goodmama?"
Me: "A BaBushka."
Jess: "I hate you."
Me: (laughing) "Why? Because you know the brands of her diapers?"
Jess: "Yes."

 One day I was out of the house and needed her to stalk diapers for me.  They were stocking and I anticipated them going fast and I NEEDED them. So we were texting back and forth while she sat at the computer fingers poised to snatch that diaper and get it in her shopping cart quick.  She later told me what a rush it was and she loved it.  (Bwahaha)

Then she even told me that I was making her WANT to have a baby just so she could cloth diaper it! We would oooooh and awww over pictures of diapers online.  She gets just as excited about fluffy mail as I do.  I received 7 (seven!!) diapers in the mail the other day.  I texted her that morning that I was expecting them and she Squeed (via text, because she was in school) with me.  I got home and got them out of the mailbox.  She wasn't home yet and I knew she'd be upset if I opened them up without her.  So I waited, and went and picked her up from school, and we evenly divvied up the packages before tearing into them like kids on Christmas. Then we had a Fluff Fight.

Today I had a package in the mail and she texted me "FLUFF!!!!!!" I texted back "I have Fluff?" because I wasn't expecting any.  She texted me back "You have FLUFF!!!!!!!!!".  Unfortunately she was wrong and it was only my Rockin Green detergent.  Poor girl was so disappointed.

Anyways, thats the story of my little sisters conversion to cloth.  Shes not even a mom yet and shes got the cloth diaper jonesin.

Happy 16th Birthday little sister!  I wish you many days of Fluffy Mail!!

Auntie Jessa....Lovin on the fluff and using it as a pillow.  Its ♥



Your sister is AMAZING! I love hearing stories about how she likes fluff as much as we do. She is the best stalker I know!

Jess, keep up the great work. I can't wait until you get to put your own child in fluff! I owe you a take a look at my stash and call dibs on it! hehe
and after today, I will be addicted too lol!

yes you deff are an enabler!
bwahaha. My plan is in motion.

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