Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"What Would You Do?"

There is a series on ABC called "What Would You Do?".  It is a hidden camera show that shows how the average person would respond when confronted with various situations.  One was "What would you do if you saw a man verbally abusing a woman in a park"  Then it swapped to "...a woman verbally abusing a man in a park"  another was "...if the waitress was very obviously hitting on your husband in front of you" or "...if you witnessed obese abuse".  Its a pretty interesting show and I try to catch it when I can.

I saw a commercial today for the new episode airing on Friday. "What would you do if you saw a mother breastfeeding in public?"

I am very interested in catching this one, to see what the general response is.  I seriously hope that it would be a very bland boring one.  Mother sits on bench breastfeeding.  People walk by.  Maybe smile.  Whoopee.  Unfortunately, since it is airing (and is featured in the commercial) my guess is that it is much more interesting than that, because people smiling as a mother nurses wouldn't get good ratings.

In fact, I'm inclined to think that it is going to make me mad.  Are people going to give the mother dirty looks? Confront her and tell her to cover up or go to her car or a bathroom?  I hope that isn't the case, but uh, I'm not getting my hopes up too high.  The fact of the matter is that while women are LEGALLY allowed to nurse their baby anywhere that they themselves are allowed to be, it is generally frowned upon by the general public.  Mothers are ashamed to nurse their babies in public because they don't want to get dirty looks, or confronted, or told they are doing something dirty or indecent.  When really they aren't.  They are feeding their baby.  NewsFlash- thats what boobs were made for.

I am a firm supporter of nursing in public. Nursing in public, in private, in your car, with a cover, without a cover, upside down, in a plane, in a train, here or there, anywhere. 

I feel like this was a very poor choice of subject for this show.  I for one would have been much more interested in a segment of "What would you do if you saw a mother being attacked for breastfeeding in public?"

So readers, What Would YOU do?


I feel the same way. If I saw a mother being attacked for breastfeeding in public - I would get involved if I felt she needed it.

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