Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Organization: Mini Fabric Bolts

Lately my fabric has gotten kinda outta control.  It used to be neatly stored in those Rubbermaid 3 drawer carts (and a huge cardboard box next to them).  Then it exploded and was taking over the entire downstairs.  While browsing the web and my crafting forums I happened across several references to "mini-bolts" of fabric. What are mini-bolts exactly?  They are ridiculously adorable baby bolts of fabric.  Someone somewhere at some point in time had the genius idea to take comic book boards and use them to wrap their fabric around, making a mini-bolt of fabric.  These ones are 6.75 by 10.5 inches, some out there are 8.5 by 11 inches, and there are other sizes as well.

I hate ordering things online though, because then I have to WAIT for them to arrive.  I'm an instant gratification kinda girl. In my internet perusing I saw several people say they used regular old foam-core board (the kind you get by the poster board).  I decided that's the method I would take because then I could run out and get them and get started on my reorganization RIGHT THEN. So I did.  I picked up four boards, they were 20x30 inches.  I cut each board into 8 pieces, measuring 7.5 by 10 inches.

To wrap my fabric around the mini-bolt I laid it out and folded it selvedge to selvedge (the way it comes on the bolt at the store). Then I fold it into thirds so it is just a little bit shorter than the mini-bolt.  Place the piece of foam-core at one end and roll the fabric around it.  Use a pin to secure the end when you're finished.  VOILA adorable baby bolt. I've spent the past week or so (on and off) doing this to all my fabric.  Then yesterday I went and picked up one of those 9 cube storage things. Unfortunately it wouldn't fit downstairs with the rest of my sewing stuff, so I did some rearranging and now it happily resides in my bedroom closet where I can admire it before bed. 

ugh.  Isn't that just beautiful?  Looking at it just fills me with happy.  My fabric is all nice and displayed, I can see what I have and can easily pick and pair combos.  and its just so gorgeous! I'm in love.  Seriously.  My impatience definitely paid off though.  If I had been willing to wait and ordered comic book boards, they wouldn't have fit on the shelves.  These however fit PERFECTLY.  I have wanted one of these 9 cube storage shelves for an eternity but was never sure what I would do with them.  Now I have one and the perfect use for it, and have I mentioned how wonderful it looks?  I just love the sight of all my fabric displayed in such a neat and organized fashion.

 Mini-bolts of fabric=WIN.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with my fat quarters and scraps.


ahhh there is that awesome pile of fabric again LOL.. followed your blog from BBC aka perkygurl

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