Monday, February 7, 2011

Refashioned shirts

A few days ago I posted this picture....
Day 22

Four shirts I picked up on clearance at Walmart for three bucks each.  Total of $12 dollars.  Here is the after shot-


Kiddo shirts at wallys and target are usually $4-$6.  By purchasing the adolescent shirts on clearance and then refashioning them I was able to get four shirts and a skirt for the same price as two or three tops.   The neckline on the butterfly shirt stretched out when I was sewing it so it looks kinda wonky in the picture, but I am going to see if adding snaps in the back will fix that.  Even if it doesn't though, I still got a super cute skirt out of that shirt! 


You have a blog award! :)
I may not comment much, & I'm new at blogging, but I really enjoy your blog, so this is for you :)
just came across your blog today and I think you are amazing at what you do! I came looking after a search on how to make a moby wrap. Are you still making/offering them?

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