Saturday, January 29, 2011

I missed a day!

I missed a day for my 365 project!  January 23rd. :(  I didn't even realize I missed a day until I went to upload the new pics and didn't have one for that day.  Oh well.  I'm sure I'm bound to miss a few more before the year is up.

I sewed this dress yesterday, this was my first attempt at this style of dress.  I'm not especially pleased with the way it came out, mainly because I don't think I really like the A-Line look, and the top-stitching isn't very good either.  Luckily for me though, my sister loves it, which is good because its actually for her daughter.  Oh, and another note- making bias tape by hand SUCKS.  I hand ironed the bias tape for this dress and it has made me realize just how fantastic an actual bias tape maker would be.  Adding that to my wishlist.

Day 27

I've also been working with these....
Day 22
They will be featured in their own blog post in the near future.  Nothing fancy, but I'm excited about it.

and then just because shes cute, and I'm thrilled that after almost two years she finally has enough hair for me to do this....

Day 23l

Edited to add- OOPS!  I completely forgot to include where I got the pattern for the dress from.  It is the Snappy  Toddler Top over at Prudent Baby.


That dress is so cute! Did you use a pattern for it? I'm trying to find a cute, semi-easy dress to make for my friend's daughter.
Thank you! Yes I did, I followed the Snappy Top tutorial over at Prudent Baby. I completely forgot to add that to the entry, thanks for reminding me!

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