Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Whew, this 365 project is going to be harder than I thought.  We're only on Day 1 and I'm already having difficulty in two different aspects.  1st, I realized it was 6 PM and I still hadn't taken a picture yet and had no ideas for the picture. 2nd, once I had an idea and had taken the pictures I couldn't pick just one of the pictures.

One idea I had for pictures, and my mom actually suggested it too, was to take a picture of a pile of our used tissues.  It would definitely be adequate in that it would represent how today (and the past week) has been.  My mom, Mercedes, and I are all sick.  So while it would have been fitting, I just couldn't imagine years from now opening our photobook and the first page being a picture of snotty tissue.

So instead I did this-

I definitely lucked out that we had all the letters and numbers required.  We only have about half of the set left and I was relived to see we had the ones we needed.

Then a few minutes later Mercy started to play with a New Years hat we had laying around still, it was cute to pass up.

So those are my pictures for Day 1 of 365. Its not really breaking the rules to have two pictures is it?


I found your Moby wrap tutorial online and I'm going tomorrow to Hobby Lobby to get my material with my 40% off coupon! Thanks so much....I'm really excited to be able to make one for my friend and one for my new baby coming in April. :)

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