Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank you BLW

Dear Baby-Led Weaning,

You make my life very interesting.  I believe you are partially responsible for fostering an incredible bit of independence in Miss Mercy.  For example- she takes it upon herself to take food from my plate and try to take my fork and feed herself.  Her latest adventure was opening the cereal cabinet, grabbing a box of cheerios, opening that, and proceeding to sit on my kitchen floor happy as a clam eating said cheerios.  When she was done eating the cheerios, she then climbed INTO the cabinet to commune with the rest of the cereal.  Our other adventure of the day was having yogurt for the first time.  The probability of massive mess was high with this one, so daddy helped.  I know it wasn't technically baby-led, but I imagine if we had let her she would have just grabbed the container and chugged it.  Her new favorite food is yogurt.  Please find enclosed pictures of our food adventures, and some park ones just for fun.

Sincerely, appreciatively, lovingly, amusedly,
Mercy's Mom

    I love this kid ridiculous amounts.


    Classic! She's so adorable...

    BTW, I have those same spoons!! lol

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