Thursday, March 3, 2011


The kiddo is sick and it sure is taking its toll.  I haven't sewn in a week, keep forgetting to take pictures for 365, and am waking up multiple times a night to check her fever.  Shes been battling the fever for about a week now, and if I don't give her medicine right on time then it spikes up to 104. I'm ready for my girl to feel better. :(  But, as soon as she gets the medicine the fever is gone and shes wreaking havoc everywhere. 

Anyways, just thought I should pop in and give an update real quick.  I just uploaded the most recent 365 pictures as well.  So far out of the 62 days we've had of 2011, I've got a picture for 52 of em, not too bad. 

Well my kid just dumped water all over herself so I better go.  *sigh*


She's just trying to cool off mom! :) *hugs* I hope she feels better soon!!

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