Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Circle Skirts

I've recently embarked upon the journey of making skirts.  It all started when I was at the fabric store and found some really cute fabric that I thought would look fabulous as a skirt.  So I grabbed it up and set about figuring out the proper measurements and a good pattern. 

My first attempt...

After that one, I just had to go back and get the same pattern in green.

and I love it.  It is now her most worn item of clothing.

After that, it became an addiction.  I went shopping and bought a ton of fabric to make skirts out of.

 yeah.  I wasn't kidding.  a TON.

I made a couple of big girl skirts out of the silver scroll and peace sign fabric.

(My sister playin with Mercy.  They kinda like each other.)

And some of the little girl skirts I've made.

They are adorable and I'm absolutely in love with them all.  I plan on making a ton more, and Mercy and I are going to pretty much live in them all summer.

The little girl skirts are listed on my etsy right now, fabric is limited so better snag em fast!


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