Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sewin' up a storm!

I have a small group of ladies that I met online, that must love me.  I sure do love them back.  I haven't met most of them, we've mainly only chatted online or occasionally texted.  Despite only knowing eachother electronically, I'm relatively convinced we'd all confess our love of eachother to at least a small degree.  A few weeks ago I recieved physical evidence of that love.

Several of them got together and formed a mail chain, and sent a card and gift card all across the country so they could all pitch in and buy me a sewing machine so I could sew all those wraps I want to sell, and make cloth diapers, and inserts, and all sorts of other fun stuff.  It took them two months, and not once did I have the slightest clue, it was quite the surprise.

They are pretty awesome ladies, and I am having a ton of fun with it. So far I have made about 10 pairs of baby leg warmers (Mercy is modeling her gray pair in that top photo),  5 cloth diaper inserts, finished the edges of 1 wrap, 1 pouch sling, and 2 pairs of pants.  It would have been 2 pouch slings and 1 pair of pants, but I messed up trying to make the 2nd sling, so I turned the scraps into a pair of pants!


Of course we love you!
What would make you think I would confess my love for you?

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